It may seem obvious, but our brand is all about Cheap Brandables! We are really good at finding great brandable domain names, and we sell them, CHEAP!

The Story

Let's start at the beginning ... somewhere at the start of the pandemic, I (Rob) began spending more time on the internet than is healthy. I had bought a few canna names previously, believing that they might become more valuable over time as the legal barriers fell. Those names were starting to expire and I needed to understand if they were, in fact, good investments. That quest led me to explore domain investing in depth, and before long, I was hooked. I began to research the business and bought some names as I studied. Most of those names were not great choices and the ones that were, were overpriced. I ignored the advice from those before who implored the newbies among us, to wait before we buy. "Spend a year learning", they all said. They may have been right, but nothing speeds up the learning curve like losing money! As I spent more time online, I found the places domainers go and eventually I met Chris. In the beginning he would sell me names when he was low on cash and I would expect each name to come with some wisdom. It was obvious from the start that his experience and understanding of the domain game was extensive. At some point, I'm not really sure when, we became friends. And at some point later, I'm not really sure when, we became partners.

The New World

It's a strange new world, especially for an old timer like myself! As I lumber towards my golden years I am in business, and friends with, someone I've never met, who is half my age, and lives 3000 miles away. We exist in different worlds, but we have also carved out a common one. Chris is the domaining brain (for the moment) at Cheap Brandables and I bring a slight bit of sensibility and focus. We compliment each other in a very strange way. And together we have amassed a nice collection of brandable domain names. It was Chris who came up with the idea of selling our names cheap. His argument was that the price point for a good domain can be cost prohibitive for many small businesses. My argument was that we are investors, seeking profit. Eventually, as we often do, we met somewhere in the middle. We're not giving these names away (although if you catch us at the right time with the right story, you never know), but they are priced below the industry standard. There is a contingent of domain investors who believe that if everyone held out for higher prices, we would see the prices rise across the board. And while there is much truth in that belief, we have chosen to keep our prices down. We aim for 20 to 30% below what we would expect to see a name listed for elsewhere.